Paper Hearts

The most dreaded holiday is upon us. It doesn’t matter if you are in a relationship or not. The expectations! Oh, how they can ruin the best of intentions. I’ll admit, I like a bouquet of $200 roses as much as the next girl. But, in recent years, I’ve gotten a better head on my shoulders and realized that settling for a paper heart, is not settling after all. What we really want is to be acknowledged. Here are a few of my favorite valentines that are sure to put an arrow through the heart of the ones you love (and you won’t go into debt…how sexy is that?).

1. You’re the Love of My Life (But, I’m Young, A Lot Could Happen)-Nothing is more attractive than a sense of humor. Card by Hard Cards $3.50

2. Heart Doilies-An inexpensive way to add a little love to your romantic dinner decor. Paper Source $2.50/12 pack

3. Two Lovers at Sea-For the one you pine over. Card by Mr. Boddington $20/4 pack

4. Sweet Nothing-When whispering in their ear is simply not getting the message across.  Knock Knock $3.75

5. Your Mr. Darcy is Out There-At least keep telling your girlfriends that. Card by Borrowed and Blue on Etsy $5.00

6. You’re My Cup of Tea-When you haven’t gotten to the “I Love Yous” just yet. Card by Hello Lucky  $4.50

7. Funny Valentine Garland (background)-Paper garland is the new rose petals. Just don’t forget the candles. Mara May on Etsy $40

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