Reading Room: Summer Escapes

Where has the summer gone? I don’t know about you, but the weeks of warm weather have flown by without warning, and as I finally find a minute to laze about with a good (or mindless) book, I can’t believe we only have a few weeks left before “school starts.” Here are a few of my favorite escapes that I’ve managed to fit in during plane rides and before bedtime, as well as a few I have on my must read list. And so should you.

Holly’s Inbox: Scandal in the City (Holly Denham): The sequel to the very clever (and addicting!) tale of a London receptionist continues, as we are given access to her email inbox full of drama, laughter and intrigue. Fall in love with Holly once again, and perhaps yearn for an even deeper relationship with these favorite characters. As we all know, email can be a very limiting form of communication.


One Day (David Nicholls): The heartbreaking and brilliant story of Dexter & Emma (Dex & Em) and their journey from then ’til now. Over the span of twenty years, catch a glimpse of every July 15th, a date that neither will ever forget.  A stunning illustration of how the past affects your present and the agony of never letting go. An absolute must read for all the romantics out there.


The Thieves of Manhattan (Adam Langer): This is what is currently resting on my nightstand. A literary caper set in at the world of publishing, this sordid tale is told through the eyes of an aspiring writer who can’t manage to get published. Oh, how life can go terribly wrong when ego, jealousy and revenge get in the way.

Take Ivy (Teruyoshi Hayashida): The first English version of this cult-classic releases in hard back on August 31st . Showcasing the preppy fashions of the Ivy Leaguers, there was a time when a copy of this book went for over 2K at auction. Previously only available in Japanese, it’s sure to add a dignified conversation piece to your coffee table.

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