Sweet Magnolia

I like cupcakes in a house.
I’d like cupcakes with a mouse.
I like cupcakes here or there.
I like cupcakes everywhere.

Would you eat them in a house?
Would you eat them with a mouse?

In a box. In your socks. In your house. With a mouse.

You can eat them here and there. You can eat them everywhere.

And who said the cupcake was dead? Magnolia Bakery has opened in Los Angeles. Yep, the one that started it all. And by all, I mean the cupcake craze that has yet to tire our plump nation. They are light. They are fluffy. They can solve all the world’s problems. I recommend the chocolate with buttercream frosting, or drop in for a Banana Muffin and give your day a heavenly start. Just make sure to  call ahead for curbside delivery or go on a weekday morning (like I did). Your patience will thank you. And so will your sweet tooth.

NOTE: In addition to virtually everything in the bakery, I’m especially fond of their favor boxes and sprinkle jars.

Magnolia Bakery.  8389 West 3rd Street.  Los Angeles, CA.  323-951-0636

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