The Heels of Carolina

Dare to visit Chapel Hill, NC in the middle of a Southern summer? Your first stop must be Locopops, a gourmet popsicle boutique, sure to add an icy breeze to those hot, humid DAZE. The Cherry Lime and Mojito were so tangy delicious, but as one is never enough, go loco for the Grapefruit Basil, Cardamom Rosemary and Mango Chile!

Hear ye! Hear ye! Calling all those in need of food that

comforts. Crook’s Corner, celebrated by food critics all over the nation, will make you want to stand up and belt out “I’m a Tarheel Born” as each fork full sends you into a fit of cataclysmic bliss.

You haven’t lived til’ you’ve had THESE Shrimp & Grits. Cheesy, bacony, just plain glorious…succulent shrimp all married with the nectar of the Southern Gods. It doesn’t get any better than this.

And just in case you have a hankering for a “picnic,” they’ve got that covered too!

Sorry, but to dive into these golftastic homemade bites of buttermilk and dark chocolatey goodness, you’ll have to call on my uber smart & talented step-sister Lauren, doctor by day, baker by night. Step aside, Martha.

Proving to my husband, that there ARE in fact healthy choices down home, we stumbled upon the Carrboro Raw juice truck just a few blocks from Crook’s Corner. This is one of many stops on the Taste Carolina walking food tour . Just one more amazing idea I didn’t think of. Sigh*

SEE: UNC Chapel Hill campus (home of the Tarheels!), the oldest state school in the nation. Part of the Research Triangle Park, it is continually ranked as one of the top places to live in the U.S.

STAY: Carolina Inn, historic & traditional located on the UNC campus; The Franklin Hotel, elegant boutique property with Southern charm; Ferrington Village, the Southern “Route Du Bonheur” is a getaway like no other. Located just outside Chapel Hill, it is idyllic for weddings, anniversaries or the spoilt traveler (present company excluded ;)).

FIND: Locopops, 128 East Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, NC; Crook’s Corner, 610 West Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, NC

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4 thoughts on “The Heels of Carolina”

  1. I LOVE this! Makes me a bit homesick 🙁 Also, I don’t even think LA has a raw food truck…it’s all Korean BBQ and fried delicacies out here.

  2. You miss another big attraction. The Triangle is the home of RTOOT.
    The Really Terrible Orchestra of the Triangle! They are a big RTO and their conductor, Sands Hobgood, very inventive about his silliness.

  3. Ahhh Chapel Thrill… sad that this pops place wasn’t there back in the day-sounds yummylicious! Good to see you on the east coast!

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