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Every spring I dream of growing an edible garden. And every year I fail miserably. In the past month, as if the universe has answered my pleas, I have made three extraordinary discoveries that are sure to take any novice gardener and turn those black thumbs green. As for my garden, I brought home basil, rosemary, mint and an Eva Purple Ball heirloom tomato plant. Stay tuned on their progress.

Two Dogs NursuryTwo Dog Organic Nursery: I stumbled upon their lovely herbs and seasonal veggie transplants at the Larchmont Village Farmers Market and got the gardening bug. Joann and Alejandro Trigo have an organic nursery (literally) in their own backyard. On a mission to help you nurture and harvest your very own organic produce, they even offer planting classes to get you started. Tuition of $120 includes one complete EarthBox Kit. Which brings me to…

Earth BoxThe EarthBox: If you only have a tiny “bit of earth” or no earth at all,  the EarthBox is for you. The perfect solution for gardeners with limited space, this maintenance free growing system uses less water, less fertilizer, and above all, less effort by controlling the soil conditions (so you don’t have to!). Grow heirloom tomatoes, beans, collards, corn, peppers, herbs, you name it—even on a balcony as long as you have full sun. Purchase from Two Dog Organic Nursery for $59.99.

Rolling GreensRolling Greens: My new favorite home and garden boutique is fabulous in every sense of the word. Certainly, come here to buy plants (note their orchid conservatory), but prepare to be enamoured by gorgeous cachepots, John Robshaw quilts, luxurious bath salts, gourmet teas and culinary delights. It’s every gardener’s paradise. Wannabes welcome.

Two Dog Organic Nursery. Appointment Only. Los Angeles, CA. 323-422-3835
Rolling Greens. 7505 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. 323-934-4500

3 thoughts on “Urban Farmer”

  1. I wonder what kind of veggies can grow on a balcony with only half (or less) a day of full sun. I guess I’ll have to ask Two Dog 😉

  2. Nicole Wilson

    Keep us updated with how everything turns out! Mike and I have the worst luck trying to grow things with the crazy weather in the valley.

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