A Wealth of Knowledge

natalie-paceOn the second Thursday evening of every month, you will not find me glued to the tube for must see TV. Instead, you will find me promptly seated, home-cooked meal in hand, ready to discuss stocks with the eleven other members of my Investment Club.  If you consider yourself a novice, never fear.  A year ago, I didn’t know diddly and certainly never thought we would achieve 48% gains in our first year (let alone in this market).  But, we did.  Money talks.  Are you listening?

Our club aims to educate, empower and invest in green companies…getting rich, while we go green. Following top stock picker, Natalie Pace, we follow her advice and “put our money where our hearts are,” meaning we seek out profitable companies that are leading the world in change for the better (clean energy, fuel-efficient cars, natural health cures, etc). Eventually, we hope to use our gains to invest in green real-estate, like Living Homes, a company that is working with leading architects to create great designed, self-sustaining homes.

Our club is the brainchild of three women, who after spending a weekend together at one of Natalie’s “Get Rich & Green Retreats,” decided to continue their knowledge and empower others to learn about investing. While each meeting centers around buying stock, we also have guest speakers, discuss our personal nest eggs and make time for individual financial interests.  More than anything, our club is a place to learn, grow and prosper in a supportive environment. 

Got an extra $100 laying around every month? Come on, you know you were going to blow it on something you don’t really need. Put it towards your financial education and watch your money grow. Your friends will be green with envy.

TIP: Want to start a club of your own? Natalie Pace has free downloadable forms to help you get started.  In the meantime subscribe to Natalie’s newsletter to start your education. 

2 thoughts on “A Wealth of Knowledge”

  1. Molly, thanks so much for sharing my info with your readers. Please let them know that they can try me out for 30 days FREE with just their email address (no credit card needed). Also, we have room in the October 8-10, 2009 Get Rich and Green Retreat. That is the perfect place for a new investment club to start. So, This Yuppie Lifers should grab three or four (or six friends) and meet me in the board room at Santa Monica’s green hotel — The Ambrose. Get more info on the home page at NataliePace.com, under the banner ad, Get Rich and Green Retreat.

    Also, check out my latest appearance on the Today Show on my YouTube channel. YouTube.com/NataliePaceDOTCOM.

  2. Thanks ladies for getting me thinking…
    Honestly I’ve got my plate overflowing at moment with the final weeks of our new home and a wedding in two months (as of yesterday) so the October retreat isn’t realistic, but spending some time to educate myself about investment strategies certainly is! I will definitely look into this.
    Thanks, Molly, for your useful-as-always post!

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