The Best Takeout (and Delivery) in LA Getting Us Through Quarantine

Oh, friends. Are you out there? I’m starting to feel like the apocalypse happened and Dave and I are the only survivors. Which is ironic since I’ve always told Dave that if an apocalypse does happen, to just leave me to get killed by the zombies—I hate being uncomfortable!  How about you? How are you holding up? If you live in LA then you can at least thank your lucky stars that despite all these unbelievable hardships right now, we can pretty much get any kind of food to go (or even delivered). I am from a very small town in North Carolina and let me tell you—you’ve got like 3 choices and most of them are fast food.

I definitely have my days where I pretty much wallow in self pity that things are just normal and we can’t just go into our favorite restaurant this weekend and cozy in at the bar. But then we just order in and I eat my feelings and it’s all better (wash, rinse, repeat). Do you feel me?! Keep in mind, we live near Hollywood, so these picks for best takeout in LA are what is getting US through quarantine. If you live out of the neighborhood, please leave your favorite spots in the comments to help all the Westsiders out (though I see all y’all waiting in line at Bay Cities—we did make that mistake—I mean it’s good, but man is it crowded even if you order ahead). 

14 LA Restaurants Killing the Takeout & Delivery Game During Quarantine

1. Sawyer: Legit the most underrated lobster roll in town. The secret is preserved lemon. They also have a patio if you prefer to eat there. Add an Aperol Spritz and you’ll forget we’re in a pandemic.

2. Son of a Gun: We have this menu down to a science. Order the chicken sandwich, peel and eat shrimp, Caesar salad, ham & hushpuppies. You might have leftovers, but yay! You’ll have lunch tomorrow.

3. All Time: I’ve said many times that the owners of All Time will get their own show after sharing their story so thoughtfully on Instagram. Not to mention, their food is off the hook. Just know that it’s pretty pricey. The first time we ordered from them, wayyyy early in the pandemic, I walked inside to pick it up (they now only do pick ups from outside, very socially distanced) and the names of orders were on a chalkboard. Kyra Sedgwick’s name was on there, and I was like oh…ok yeah, it’s Kevin Bacon spending this on takeout. And also me. LOL. We have loved everything we’ve ordered, but DO NOT MISS THE FOCACCIA OMG.

4. Pizzeria L’Antica Da Michele: We prefer to eat their incredible pizza (it’s the pizza place from Eat, Pray Love!) at the restaurant (they have outdoor seating!), but their Spaghetti Al Pomodoro pasta add burrata is one of the best things on the menu and travels well for takeout.

5. Pine & Crane: I was so happy when Pine & Crane finally reopened for takeout. We are regulars here, so I desperately missed their Wonton Soup, potstickers, beef noodle soup, and boba milk tea.

6. Hippo: From the beginning of lock down, Hippo was one of the fastest restaurants to pivot with takeout. They had it down to a science, even offering their infamous cocktails in little to-go bottles. The menu does change, but if the Sweet Corn Cappallacci is available, it’s a must order. The prices are also really reasonable for food of this quality.

7. Wurstkuche: I’m cheating a little bit because every time we’ve gotten this to go, we have taken it around the corner and set up a picnic at one of their empty outdoor tables. But the first time we did that, we had planned to bring it home. I stand by my proclamation that these are the best fries you’ll ever eat, along with your bratwurst and sourkraut. They also added Fruili back to the to-go menu (strawberry beer) so you can basically get the full experience, minus the loud indoors and long lines. *UPDATE: They now have expanded outdoor seating with service.

8. Izkaya-on-Third: While SugarFish might be the obvious sushi pick for takeout (and we do love it too!), Izakaya has satisfied our need to feel comforted through food with their famous baked crab roll, best sticky rice with spicy tuna and albacore with crispy onion. Pick it up—you will pay an outrageous fee for delivery.

9. Versailles: Versailles is a hole in the wall Cuban restaurant on La Cienga that I’ve been eating at since first moving to LA. Their garlic chicken with rice, beans and plantains will change your life. It’s become tradition to eat there on our way home from the airport after arriving back in LA. Trust me, it’s so good and affordable.

10. Kismet Rotisserie: For chicken and veggies, with a Middle Eastern spin. Their main restaurant Kismet is one of my favorite restaurants in LA, so I knew I would love this too.

11. Homestate: We have joked that we have had Taco Tuesday and Taco Monday, Taco Wednesday…you get the point. We have ordered from HomeState almost every single week since lockdown began. I actually prefer their service during this time because in normal times, lines are down the street, seating is tight and they often forget about you. Takeaway as been a pleasure. And their flour tortillas are homemade and incredible.

12. Sonoratown: When we tire of tacos, we start on the burritos. The Sonoratown Burrito 2.0 lives up to the hype. And it’s worth the drive downtown in the middle of the day.

13. Maury’s Bagels: OMG if you haven’t had one of these bagels, stop what you’re doing! As a huge fan of Sam’s on Larchmont, I’m sorry to say, Maury’s has them beat. I love their lox sandwich with various accoutrement (pickled onion, capers, they even have incredible cashew cream cheese if you’re vegan). It’s the closest you’ll get to New York. Bold statement. I stand by it.

14. Summer Buffalo: Let me preface this by saying that I am not a huge Thai lover. I really have to be in the mood. But their orange chicken and steamed dumplings in curry sauce changed that for me. It is SO good and at a really great price point—especially for the quality.

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