Live Out Your “The Holiday” Fantasies with These Stylish Looks

“It’s Christmas Eve and we’re going to celebrate being young and being alive” – Miles, The Holiday

From the interiors to the style, there is no better way to get in the holiday spirit than watching “The Holiday.” And although it feels like Christmas before Halloween rolls around, it’s never really too soon for this particular film. What better way to enjoy this holiday season than with a light-hearted classic, but really, it’s also the perfect way to get some holiday outfit inspirations. The question is: Are you an Amanda or are you an Iris?

Here’s a look at some of their staple pieces plus some of my favorite items to recreate looks from “The Holiday,” regardless of whether you’re an Amanda or an Iris. And BONUS, scroll all the way to the bottom for some of the LA filming locations you can visit!

You Might Be Amanda Woods: “The Holiday” Look Staples

1. The Coats: LA isn’t known for its cold temperatures or chic winter coats, but “The Holiday” reminds us that even an LA woman needs the chicest of coats in last-minute holiday scenarios. Since I head back East every holiday, a warm winter jacket is the perfect item to turn any cold day into a chic fashion event. If Amanda were going to buy one today, it would definitely be this one!


2. The Blouses: The moment she rolls out of bed, even her white PJ top is chic enough to be a blouse. I own many similar blouses that Amanda wore on their first date because it never goes out of style, and every year I go in search of the one she wore. It’s just SO gorgeous. If Amanda were going to buy one today it would be this one or this one or this one!


3. The Knitwear: From the perfect Fisherman Cable Knits to the gloves, and we cannot forget the gloves, this LA lady has quite the collection of warm weather gear. They’re all so great, that I had to wrap them into one category of knitwear chic. This one feels very right now!


4. The Evening Wear: Is there anything better than the moment Amanda unbuttons yet another stylish coat to reveal one of the best holiday looks in any holiday movie hands down? While I am obsessed with her Louis Vuitton llama wool coat, not all of us are movie trailer producers or have a budget like that for wool coats. You can create the look for less inspired by Amanda.

You Might Be Iris Simpkins: “The Holiday” Look Staples

1. The Jackets: Iris is way more down-to-earth than Amanda, and this is reflected in her understated wardrobe, but one thing is for sure—the woman loves a great jacket and blazer! From her very English London tweed, to the winter white she pairs with a scarf, they elevate every outfit to “going out” attire.

2. The Blouses: From the office party polka dot top (Jasper, you fool) to the white blouse during the impromptu Hanukkah party, Iris’ style is feminine and classic, with looks that are still relevant this many years later.

3. The Knitwear: Iris’ Los Angeles wardrobe fits in perfectly in our causal city, where everyone wears elevated yoga attire. From her hoodies to her tanks, she knows that anything goes in the City of Angels.

4. The Evening Wear: Of course Iris shows up for “An Evening with Arthur Abbott” in the perfect Little Black Dress. You too, should have one in your closet.


“The Holiday” Los Angeles Filming Locations

I had every intention of making this post more about places to visit in Los Angeles as seen in “The Holiday,” but it proved to be more challenging than I had hoped. Read on for the funny things that happened in chasing down these places.

Miles’ Silver Lake House 

This home is located at 2210 Neutra Place, Silver Lake, CA. While it looks like it would be easily accessible from the street, it ISN’T. It is on a very tiny dead-end street, and I may have had to quietly walk up a long set of stairs to quickly snap this shot and was terrified of being caught!

The Grill on the Alley

“The Grill,” as it is known to industry insiders, used to be THE PLACE for the entertainment industry to see and be seen having lunch. It is also the location where Iris and Arthur have dinner the first night she invites him out. I used to get my boss’ lunch here multiple times a week, and as an underpaid assistant, was very excited when I was allowed to order my lunch from here too. We went back recently to snap this shot and have lunch, and let’s just say…the service is excellent. The food is decent. Location: 9560 Dayton Way, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

Amanda’s House from “The Holiday”

This gorgeous home is located in the San Marino neighborhood of Pasadena. It is literally right across the street from the entrance to one of my favorite places, Huntington Gardens & Library. In case you’re in the market, it is currently for sale for a casual $10.7 million! It does now have a fountain in front of it, which takes away from looking exactly like it did in the film, but how amazing would it be to own this?

Location: 1883 Orlando Rd. San Marino, CA.

Location of Amanda and Graham’s Lunch Date: Greystone Mansion Beverly Hills

While Greystone Mansion is open to the public, it is a very sought after location for weddings and events, so you should call ahead to make sure it is open on the day you wish to visit. Sadly, it was closed the day we went to take photos, though I have been a few times before. There isn’t a lot to see on the inside unless there is something on view like the Designer Showcase presented by Luxe magazine, which I highly recommend. The gardens are beautiful anytime of year.

Location: 905 Loma Vista Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210


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