The Coolest Hotel in Austin

Looking for the coolest hotel in Austin? Look no further than the Hotel Saint Cecilia, a luxury boutique hotel by Bunkhouse.
Hotel Saint Cecilia, A Very Stylish Stay

Sometimes you pick a destination, and then choose a hotel. Other times, a hotel is the destination. You could say for my trip to Austin, I got the best of both worlds: a very cool boutique hotel that beckoned me to a very cool city I’d never visited. Hotel Saint Cecilia was first built as a private residence in 1888 as the Miller-Crockett house, where a descendant of Davy Crockett, Leslie Crockett, and his wife Mary Ann Miller lived in the home for over 60 years before it was converted into a Bed & Breakfast in the mid-nineties. Ten years ago, it was renovated and reopened as the Hotel Saint Cecilia—a little bit old world charm, a lotta bit rock n’ roll.

The hotel grounds are private (only hotel guests and members welcome), giving an air of exclusivity and a dash of irreverence—I was told no photos allowed upon booking, but they relented as long as we didn’t bother other guests. There are only five suites, six poolside bungalows, and three studios—all with their own unique style. I can say with certainty that I have never had a curated experience quite like this before, and that is due to owner Liz Lambert’s stunning vision. It will surprise you, enchant you, and most of all, seduce you.

This is Hotel Saint Cecilia, and it is unquestionably, the coolest hotel in Austin.

What I Loved: The peacock theme turned me into peacock obsessed! I was also blown away by the attention to detail in amenities and unique partnerships from the vintage LP lending library (every room had a Rega turntable) to the handmade organic bed by Hastens.

Something to Know: This hotel is expensive. Like really expensive. You stay here for the history, the privilege, and the coolness of it all. The service—while good—is not on par with hotels at this price point, so you cannot compare it to the Four Seasons in that way. Each room is very unique, so I recommend calling the hotel before you book to have them help you choose.

Suite Dreams: We actually swapped rooms after our first night. We had booked Suite 5, but it felt quite dark and dungeony for my taste. We moved to Suite 1, in the main house, and I loved it! It was a huge suite with a separate sitting room. Our bath had a clawfoot tub (absolute heaven), but the shower was outside (very private). If this is a concern, ask the hotel for advice on a room.

Stylish Sips: The lounge was my favorite part of the hotel. Visually, it is stunning. The bartender could not have been more helpful—making me a cocktail to match my outfit! Because…social media.

Cool FactorThis hotel is so highly curated from the printed blue robes in the rooms, to the incredible Grown Alchemist products, to the unique gifts for purchase in the reception area—I came away with a limited edition book from artist Tom Sachs called “Travel for the Adventurous and Self-Involved.” Hilarious! (Just for the record, I felt certain I could buy it on Amazon cheaper, but I was wrong. It was not available at all online, but rather sold out everywhere. Pretty unusual and cool to find something you can’t get just everywhere!)

Hero Shot:  In the bar, in front of the peacock, with a cocktail!

Suite 5
Suite 1

Hotel Saint Cecelia

Photos by Ashley Burns Photography

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