Jasmine Star Mastermind and Big News Edition

(From left to right, Ashley Burns, Moi, Jasmine Star, Catherine Sheppard, Jenney Korasick)

This past Wednesday, I got to participate in a mastermind with Jasmine Star, an online business strategist, who I have admired (stalked), followed, and been in awe of for quite some time. Her online Instagram course is the gold standard, and I have recommended it to countless friends and clients, who are completely lost when it comes to building a brand on Instagram. I know this because I bought it myself, and have implemented many of her suggestions. Note to self: Implement ALL the suggestions because something only works if you actually DO IT.

My friend and colleague Jenney Korasick over at Collective Media and I had the idea to put together a small group of entrepreneurs, who were looking for some higher level help—we have found there to be a lot of content/courses/help for people who want to start a business, but not a lot for those of us who have been in business 8+ years. Jasmine accepted the challenge, and we spent one day at Golden Door filming the session, and soon you will be invited to take part in the conversation.

That brings me to some news. For many years, I have struggled with the name of this website. It’s a name that I came up with ten years ago, mostly as a light-hearted response to my in-laws calling me “such a yuppie” in jest (It was in jest, right?!). Never in a million years would I have thought that ten years later, it would still be the thing that brings me the most joy. But I mean, how embarrassing is the name?! All this to say, I have finally gotten the courage to change it—so many conflicting opinions! Life advice: Go with your own gut.

The mastermind group with Jasmine took a look at the name concepts/logos, and I am happy to report that everyone voted on the same name, which is the one that I loved too. If all goes according to plan, this site will be redirected within 30 days. What does that mean exactly? It means that after the change, if you type www.thisyuppielife.com into your browser, it will take you to the new name and home page. I will send out a notice when that happens, so you don’t have to do anything right now.  I also hope it means that I will have the confidence to give this space a lot more energy, and bring you better content on a regular basis.

The next email you get from me will be the big reveal!

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