Fashion for Breakfast with Stylist Joey Tierney

This morning, my friend and celebrity stylist Joey Tierney hosted a breakfast at Cecconi’s West Hollywood to talk about the importance of social media and how it plays an intricate role in the fashion industry. Now, I could name drop all day about her clients (she got her start styling Britney Spears on several world tours and has since gone on to style many of Hollywood’s leading ladies & gents), but Joey is the real muse. She’s effortlessly cool and always brings the rocker chic to every party.

Decked out in a leather skirt and killer Giuseppe Zanotti heels, she schooled us over pots of coffee and eggs benedict. What did I takeaway?

1. Learn the balance between provocative and boring–unless you are Rihanna or have 5 million followers, don’t post photos of yourself in your underwear. In other words, social media lives on forever, so be careful what you are putting out there. Social media will be the first thing future employers and clients will check before hiring you.
2. Grammar matters! Make sure when you post, your spelling and grammar are accurate, especially when it comes to hashtags.
3. Selfies rule! Don’t be shy about posting selfies. People follow you to see YOU. After all, haters can just unfollow.
4. If you are shy about “bragging” via social media, create a brand that can serve as an umbrella. For example, Joey’s company is Haute Street, so all posts about her styling jobs are posted through that channel instead of her personal account.
5. Follow others you love for inspiration. Especially in the fashion world, bloggers have a huge impact on style. Social media is all about sharing, so don’t be afraid to take inspiration from others and try it out yourself.


Cecconi’s originated in London (as most cool things do ;)) and lives in the spot where the infamous Morton’s used to stand. Now owned by Soho House, it’s classic Italian meets West Hollywood.

social media

We all Tweeted/Instagrammed our way through this breakfast. #rudebutappropriate

our table

Ladies who brunch. #thecooltable



Molly and Joey2

I keep hoping some of Joey’s coolness will rub off on me. #agirlcandream

Keep up with Joey and her Muse Diaries via Twitter @JoeyTierney and Instagram via/hautestreet

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