Petit Ermitage Hotel

This past weekend, craving a European adventure, my husband and I packed an overnight bag and headed to Bohemia at the private West Hollywood boutique hotel Petit Ermitage. Private you ask? Meaning, everything about it is for guests of the hotel and their guests (2 only please)—the rooftop club and pool, the bar, even the restaurant. Global in design, irreverent in attitude, this is an elusive hideaway in the middle of West Hollywood, but you’d swear you were on board a yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean.




I was practically in my bikini with a cocktail in hand when we arrived at 3pm on Saturday, ready to take in a few hours of sunning before dinner. Imagine my shock when we were told Fergie was having her baby shower and the pool was closed (grrrr) until that night. To make up for it, they gave us a 4pm check out on Sunday and a pass to the London hotel pool around the corner. This would never happen in Europe…that’s all I’m saying ;).


I loved the design–quirky and exuberant.

Molly bathroom

And I tried to capture every detail.

See you on the other side

Patio Petit Ermitage

That night we invited friends to come play at the Butterfly Bar and the hotel was so kind to let us extend 4 invites (I can be very persuasive). There were three different parties going on, so ask about any private events during your stay before you make a reservation. You really want to be able to enjoy all it has to offer.


petit ermitage

My way is the Highway


The Mister and I had dinner before everyone arrived.


This salad was to die. Juicy ripe tomatoes, watermelon, cucumber and lots of creamy burrata with crushed black pepper.

Molly cake

There are few things I love more than birthday cakes. Especially from Susie Cakes.


We skipped the Absinthe and sipped East Sides and Moscow Mules


We toasted to another year wiser…


“And those Hollywood nights…Above all the lights”

Butterfly Breakfast

The next morning we had a Gypsy Brunch on the patio. The Huevos Rancheros were in the top two of my life (the other being at Esperanza). I begged for the recipe (still waiting), but God almighty, skip the coffee and go right to the Bloody Mary’s.

dave and jamie

And the rest of the day was spent drinking them by the pool with our besties, who are always up for anything with the words private and club attached.

Molly and Jason

A perfect end-of-summer getaway, if only for a night.

Petit Ermitage. 8822 Cynthia Street. West Hollywood, CA 90069. 310-854-1114

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