On the Red Carpet in London

An insider's look at the World War Z Premiere London.

So now that you’ve heard all about my hotel, let’s get down to business. I was in London for the world premiere of “World War Z.” Blogging about my  job is a rare thing for lots of reasons, but this event was not my usual day at the office. There have been times in my career when I have had to pick my (sometimes jaded) jaw up off the floor, not able to believe I get to do this for a living. Watching Oscar-winning composer James Horner score “A Beautiful Mind” was one; this trip was another. It was both a blessing and a privilege to travel in such style and makes the blood, sweat and tears through the years so worth it.  Not only for the first class accomodations, but for the incredible venues and surprises that came along with it. I hope you will enjoy a little peek behind the velvet rope…

The carpet in London works a lot differently than in LA. I actually rode in the car with my client (usually I get to the venue in advance). It was such fun to experience pulling up to the top of the carpet with screaming fans on either side. That’s Brad and Angelina just on the other side of the gate. As soon as the car doors flew open, the madness began! My client took photos first and then did on-camera interviews. I had two companies helping me, using headsets to time each outlet as we worked our way down the carpet.

A look down the carpet…it was a long one. Fans lining the left hand side created an astounding amount of energy and excitement.

Each cast member was interviewed on a platform that was simultaneously broadcast on the big screen above. Check out those blue skies. It could not have been a more glorious day.

After the carpet, we all shuffled inside for the screening at the Empire Cinema at Leicester Square. “World War Z” is everything you would want in a summer blockbuster…on the edge of your seat, action-packed fun with a really smart, heart-felt story. It’s out June 21st, so make sure to go see it!

After the screening, we were invited to a special Muse concert at the Horse Guards Parade, which was formerly the site of the Palace of Whitehall’s tiltyard, where tournaments were held in the time of Henry VIII. It is now used for royal parades and ceremonies and is such a beautiful place to visit.

It was 9pm, the sun was just setting, and a bright red carpet was rolled out with guards at either end of a perfectly lit entrance. A wow moment for sure…

When the concert began, we made our way into the VIP area, where we stood behind 15,000 screaming fans to watch a spectacular show by Muse. Though I always liked their song “Madness,” it has become nostalgic for me now. Music is so powerful and to be in this setting, with this kind of energy was a moment I’ll never forget.

One of the few photos I have of myself from the trip with the lovely and talented Mireille Enos.

On the way out, it was a sea of blue and red…

Making a dramatic exit as we walked back to the Corinthia Hotel for the after party. I went to bed with a smile on my face well past 3am.

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  1. Lots of hard work pays off! Your clients are lucky to have a publicist so dedicated and excited about the entertainment industry. It has truly been your lifelong passion that has become a reality.

  2. Molly, you look like a movie star!! Love your hair and clothes. Got a pretty face, too!!

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