Le Petite Retreat

Le Petite RetreatLately I have been longing for white sand, warm sun and a spa day. I’ve faux planned about 10 relaxing vacations, and yet here I sit, waiting for the cold rain to fall (again). It was Thursday morning and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. An email pops up…”Le Petite Retreat has a wonderful gift waiting for you.” Could it be my prayers had been answered? It seemed my tres chic nephew Fletcher had surprised me the way only someone with a genuine desire to impress could…he researched the best spa within walking distance and sent me there. Bravo! How I love when people get it right. 

Le Petite Retreat is just that. A charming little house in the middle of Larchmont that has been transformed into an inviting escape—one that has beckoned me on many occasions  by the peaceful music surrounding the outdoor property. With a gift card burning a hole in my pocket, I immediately called for a reservation to see if it truly was one of the best L.A. had to offer. 

We all have pre-conceived notions and expectations of what an experience should be. As I entered into my interlude of calm, I couldn’t help but look for the extras, the special details if you will, that made the cost of my hour massage an obvious bargain. The spa robe was cozy. The quiet room was lovely. The sauna could have been a nice touch (though not hot while I was there). Pause. And then I met Jon Jon, masseuse extraordinaire, and I looked no further. 

As my tension melted away with the exact right pressure and in the exact right places (this takes true talent), I decided that the best thing you can hope for at a spa is to have a treatment beyond compare. Mediocrity doesn’t cut it when you’re paying top dollar, even with a lot of smoke and mirrors. 

So, it’s not the Grand Wailea (my all time favorite spa), and a tad pricey for not many extra amenities (but then again, I wasn’t paying…wink). But, in my top five massages of all time. And people, for me, that’s saying something. 

NOTE:  The price of a one hour combination massage is $115. It’s also necessary to mention that you pay before your treatment and they automatically add gratuity, which was a first.

Le Petite Retreat Day Spa. 331 N. Larchmont Blvd. Los Angeles. 323-466.1028

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