How to Get a Job in PR

Tips for Getting an Interview at a PR Agency We recently went through the hiring process at my company The Storied Group. My jaw drops on a daily basis at just how unprepared and frankly, embarrassingly bad job seekers are at applying for a job. I blame it on the universities not teaching…

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The Best Hotel in Zihuatanejo

Amuleto, A Luxury Boutique Hotel in Zihuatanejo Have you noticed the price of travel this summer?! It’s outrageous. We had started planning a trip to Italy, but it’s hard to enjoy something when all you can think about it how ripped off you feel between flights and hotels. So, I set out on…

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Palihouse Santa Barbara sitting room

Palihouse Santa Barbara

One of the Best Boutique Hotels in Santa Barbara Like most of you, our normal cadence of travel and exploration close to home has been rudely interrupted these last two years. California has been extremely locked down, and even now, doesn’t feel back to normal. Every time we tried for a weekend getaway,…

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